Where to Watch the Intel Innovation (Raptor Lake/Arc Launch?) Livestream!

Intel is officially kicking off its Innovation event today at 5 PM UK time and as one key part of the showcase, we’re expected to finally see the launch of their brand new 13th-gen Raptor Lake processors as well as also, potentially, their desktop Arc graphics cards. – Now, admittedly, this is just a theory as while Intel has dropped more than a few hints as to what we can expect, they haven’t quite done as far as to categorically say what’s going to be discussed and/or launched.

Let’s face it though, if at least Raptor Lake doesn’t get unveiled within the next few hours, I’ll eat my virtual hat.

With this in mind though, if you want to watch the event as it happens, then we have you covered!

Intel Innovation 2022 – LiveStream!

Somewhat annoyingly, Intel isn’t currently streaming their Innovation event on their YouTube channel. It is, in fact, only being broadcast (so far as I can tell) via their official website. – Presuming you want to watch it happen as launches unfold, click on the link here to be taken directly to the showcase!

As noted above, we’re fully expecting Intel to formally announce their new Raptor Lake desktop processors, but admittedly, there’s an equal amount of curiosity as to whether they’ll also choose to use the event to officially (and finally) launch their Arc graphics cards.

We will, of course, be back to give you a recap update presuming you don’t want to sit through what might be several hours of video. Again though, if you want to watch it as it happens, click the link here!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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