White Nexus 4 & Android 4.3 Coming Next Month

/ 5 years ago

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This may not be the biggest news in the world of mobile, of this I am certain, but I know there are a lot of Google and Nexus fans out there than are going to be very happy about this news indeed. It’s been hinted at for a while that Google would release a white Nexus and this week at the Google IO event, they did exactly that.

Specification wise this phone is like for like identical to the standard Nexus 4, with the small exception that it comes in white and for those style conscious among you, or just those who love to match up white products that don’t have an Apple logo on them, you can get your hands on the new device from the Google Play Store on June 10th.

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The big factor here however is that the new device will come with the yet to be launched Android update, which will see the device running on Android 4.3 and while we don’t expect huge things from the OS in terms of changes, it’s always great to see that Google are pushing the OS forward and improving the system.

New features tipped to be included are Bluetooth Smart and OpenGL ES 3.0, but most likely there are some minor navigation and visual changes, as well as bug fixes and improvements in the developer API.

Given that the Nexus 4 starts at around £240 it’s still a highly competitive device and maybe a new coat of paint and updated OS well help improve its reputation a little further.


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One Response to “White Nexus 4 & Android 4.3 Coming Next Month”
  1. Wayne says:

    Black & white is so passe. Am I the only person who wouldn’t mind a day glo coloured phone?

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