Why Have A Rumble Controller When You Can Make a Rumble Desk?

Although I certainly stand to be corrected, it’s my general understanding that ‘rumble feedback’ controllers were first introduced to a wide mainstream audience back with the launch of the original PlayStation 1. Since then, it’s a feature that has become entirely mainstream and common in practically every single system. What isn’t common, however, is having a rumble desk.

Yes, following a video posted on YouTube channel ‘Teenenggr‘, they decided to customize their PC set-up by making their entire desk react to the gameplay action. Oh, and just for added good measure, they decided to test this new ‘feature’ out while playing Crysis!

Rumble Desk > Rumble Controller?

From what we can ascertain from the video, the person here decided to modify an existing PS3 controller. Specifically, they removed the chipset that controlled the ‘rumble’ function and decided to attach it to a homemade motor that, to replicate the vibration, was deliberately set to run out of balance.

This is, incidentally, pretty much exactly how rumble functions work in most controllers. They’ve just done it here on a significantly larger (and more volatile) scale. – So, with that in mind, how did it work out? Well, you can check the video out below to see for yourself!

What Do We Think?

Well… Firstly, this isn’t something we’d recommend you try at home. Particularly so if you live in an apartment and already have a rocky relationship with your neighbour downstairs. However, in terms of the fun factor, you have to score this 11 out of 10 with additional meme tax for them (exceptionally wisely) choosing to test this out on Crysis!

So, if you want to see what ‘Teenenggr‘ has planned for the future, plus some of their pretty impressive prior projects, you can check out their official YouTube channel via the link here!

What do you think? Have you ever attempted some crazy levels of gaming customization? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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