Wi-Fi 802.11ad and 60GHz Band to enable up to 7Gb/s wireless speeds

/ 5 years ago

IEEE today announced that it approved the IEEE 802.11ad-2012 amendment to provide wireless data throughput of up to 7Gb/s.

The new specification also comes with a “fast session transfer” feature that allow devices to transition between 60GHz and the standard 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands that we use in our routers.

Bruce Kraemer, the chairman of the IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN group said, “IEEE 802.11 is undergoing a continuous process of refinement and innovation to address the evolving needs of the marketplace, and there is no better proof of that fact than IEEE 802.11ad. By migrating up to the next ISM band (60 GHz), we break ground on new spectrum for IEEE 802.11, enable an order of magnitude improvement in performance and enable usages that have never before been possible with existing IEEE 802.11 – namely wireless docking and streaming video,”

Via: XBit Labs 

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