Wi-Fi Network Breaks Speed Record At 40GB Per Second

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Technology is forever moving forward, sometimes its a small step and other times its a huge leap, this one would definitely fall under the latter of the two as a wireless network sets an incredible speed record.

while moving a gigabyte size film over your network at home in a few seconds is impressive, it’s not nearly as impressive as shifting an entire 2 hour long high definition movie via wireless, over a mile in distance in a second, In fact I could have transferred it, started watching it and likely be past the first scene by the time you to this point of the article it’s that quick.

At the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany, they’ve been setting a new standard, benching an impressive 40 gigabytes-per-second transfer speed over a distance of around .6 of 1 mile, effectively making sending a blu-ray worth of data in 1.25 seconds possible.

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Of course this kind of speed wasn’t achieved with a wi-fi dongle and some cheap laptop, this too dedicated equipment designed for the job, better hardware with higher frequencies, using 240 gigahertz to be exact. Combine this with special chips developed at Karlsruhe for processing the high frequencies, not to mention the smaller technology that is required to pick up the shorter wavelength, resulting in chips that are just millimeters in length!

It’s an impressive figure for certain and I expect the technology will be used to develop the next generation of wireless devices, networks and systems and may prove extremely useful in areas where fiber networking is not an option, especially given that the signal can project further than your typical wi-fi signal and the higher frequency gives it greater resistance against atmospheric conditions.


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2 Responses to “Wi-Fi Network Breaks Speed Record At 40GB Per Second”
  1. Zach says:

    My lord…. its beautiful. * tear in the eye*

  2. d6bmg says:

    It’s been said, “Records are meant to be broken” 😉
    Great achievement!!

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