Wii U to get Darksiders II

/ 6 years ago

With the Wii U rapidly approaching it’s launch window, lead designer of Vigil Games, Hayden Dalton has said that Darksiders II is now a confirmed day one launch title for the new system.

The good news is, that the game is said not to be a direct port of the upcoming 360m PS3 and PC editions of the game.  While he didn’t go into detail, Dalton did explain that the new features will take advange of the Wii U’s touch screen controls, utilizing the unique hardware that the Wii U offers over it’s rivals hardware.

While we expect to get a preview of most of the launch slate for the Wii U at E3, sources in the development community tell us that there are several other surprise title conversions that are slated to be headed to the Wii U; and some of those are titles that we might not have expected to appear on the platform.

Source: Fudzilla

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