Wii U’s Poor Sales Due To Poor Communication With Customers Says Nintendo

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Wii U has suffered from relatively poor sales since the product was launched and Nintendo’s leader, Satoru Iwata, has come out to state that he believes this is due to a failure of communication on behalf of Nintendo. In an interview with Kotaku Satoru Iwata stated that:

“It’s difficult to say ‘the Wii U is a system that does such-and-such’ in a simple manner, and understanding it takes time.”

He further went on to state that he admits in the first half of 2013 Nintendo has really failed to release any high profile games for the Wii U, a situtation he says he will be able to change in the later part of 2013 and early 2014.

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In Q2 of 2013 the Wii U sold just 160,000 units worldwide yet Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata wants them to sell 9 million units during the current Nintendo fiscal year. Whether that is a realistic target remains to be seen.

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