WikiLeaks back online after DDoS assault

/ 5 years ago

WikiLeaks is back online after being hit by a massive DDoS attack which saw the site kept offline for well over a week. The attack was claimed by a new-on-the-scene group calling themselves AntiLeaks.

According to Wikileaks Press, the DDoS attack happened shortly after the site began publishing a hoard of emails obtained from a terrorist forecasting agency called Trapwire.Following up the DDoS, the people behind Wikileaks tweeted that the attack was “not only intended to prevent secrets from being revealed, but also to maintain a monopoly on influence.”

Trapwire is a company deploying surveillance across major U.S cities, London and some other cities whereby everyone’s daily lives are tracked, spied on, recorded and ultimately civil liberties infringed. Once people “deviate” from their normal expected daily routine they are placed under “suspicion” where they are even more closely monitored for anything they are doing that might possibly lead to terrorism.

“Yes, Wikileaks revealed a whole bunch of documents on #Trapwire, no, you can’t read them easily, because of the current DDoS attack,” Wikileaks stated in a separate tweet.

WikiLeaks has been under constant attack since February when its first sensitive emails went online, ever since then the company has been under constant attack and its founder Julian Assange is currently in political limbo seeking asylum in Ecuador.


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