WikiLeaks Says Snowden Asylum Is A Battle Won But The War Continues

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With Edward Snowden being formally granted temporary asylum by Russia, WikiLeaks are hailing victory of a major battle. WikiLeaks spokesperson Kristinn Krafnsson told RT that:

“This is a war against secrecy that we’ve seen escalating over the recent years, it’s a war for transparency, it’s a war for government accountability. And indeed we won of course with more information getting out to general public”

However, WikiLeaks admit it is only a partial victory since Edward Snowden is only a free man in Russia and in most other countries he would still be detained and extradited. That said Snowden has already expressed his intentions to stay on Russian territory for the forseeable future to rebuild his life.Russia’s social networking site “Vkontakte” have already offered Edward Snowden a job on their all-star security team and Snowden is formally allowed to work in Russia.

WikiLeaks is likely to continue working with Edward Snowden’s journalist partner, Glenn Greenwald of the Guardian, in an effort to keep exposing leaked information as Edward Snowden has agreed not to reveal any more in Russia as part of his asylum terms. While WikiLeaks are also still tied into the Bradley Manning case and will be until there are no legal avenues left to pursue. Julian Assange is also still held up in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London so while Snowden’s asylum is a large victory, WikiLeaks still have much to do. Not to mention the information that Snowden leaked is still yet to make a major legal impact in the USA yet.

Image courtesy of WikiLeaks

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