Wikipedia Pushing Ahead With Encryption To Lock NSA Out

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Wikipedia is taking steps to ensure that the NSA cannot spy on it or its users by adding encryption to the website wherever possible according to RT. Users that login will now have to use secure encryption when on the site and visitors to the website will use the HTTPS security protocol as a further defence mechanism.

“[Wikipedia] believes strongly in protecting the privacy of its readers and editors. Recent leaks of the NSA’s XKeyscore program have prompted our community members to push for the use of HTTPS by default for the Wikimedia projects,” said the statement published on the organization’s website.

Wikipedia had already been taking efforts to transfer to the HTTPS security protocol but since recent leaks about the XKeyscore have implicated Wikipedia they are taking steps to fast track encryption and HTTPS with all resources available. Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales also stated that he believes encryption is an issue of Human Right’s and that all companies should start using it.

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