Will Nvidia Reveal Pascal GTX 1080/1070 on Saturday?

/ 2 years ago

Will Nvidia Reveal Pascal GTX 1080/1070 on Saturday?

When we first got word of the GeFoce GTX 1080 and 1070, the expected launch date was Computex in late May. AS more and more leaks came out about the GP104 based cards, some rumours pointed to an earlier launch. Then Nvidia teased us with their countdown set to end tomorrow, all but confirming the launch to be before Computex. Now, Nvidia has confirmed that there will be a special GeForce event set to occur at 6PM PST.

Given the GeForce nature of the event, Nvidia will probably be talking about, if not launching the GTX 1080 and 1070. As we know by now, the GTX 1080 will use the top GP104-400 die while the GTX 1070 makes do with the GP104-200. There is also the GP104-150 rumoured to power the GTX 1060Ti but that remains to be seen. This means the long wait to get away from the 28nm node will come from Nvidia at last.

Even with the earlier than expected launch, I still think supply will be short till Computex. AiB partners probably want to use the event to showcase their custom cards so all we will see in May are the reference models. By launching a bit ahead of AMD, Nvidia steals some of the spotlight at little risk. Be sure to tune in on official twitch stream here when the time comes.

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