Will You Be Able to Buy an RTX 3060 Soon?

NVIDIA is trying to give us a gleam of hope again in the fact we may actually be able to buy a new GPU for gaming. That’s right folks, NVIDIA is hard at work making yet another Cryptocurrency mining deterrent GPU. However, will it actually succeed this time?


So, for those who may not be aware of the current situation, GPUs are in a shortage (See our video on why here) and are very hard to find at this moment in time. While there are many different reasons for this, there is one that sticks out and irritates people more than the others, MINING! That’s right, people are using their GPUs to mine Cryptocurrencies, and to be frank, it is pissing a lot of other people off! The problem is that GPU mining is currently so profitable that miners are paying, in some cases, almost twice what a GPU is worth to get their hands on them. This has been going on for so long now that it is nearly impossible for the average consumer to find a GPU at MSRP. Miners and resellers have even taken it one step further and are now using bots to purchase GPUs literally seconds after going live on a website.

Now, I know what you are thinking. Why haven’t retailers put an end to all this? Well, they have tried, but where there is a will, there is a way. We have seen retailers like Overclockers UK list GPUs under their 3D Printer category, and they have even launched special forum only codes to help combat this. Basically, they list the GPUs on their site for £10,000, then give a discount code to get the GPU down to a lot more reasonable price to their forum members. This is great, but GPU shipments are still limited so there’s not a whole lot of them available, but anything is better than nothing.

Manufacturers like EVGA allow people to sign up for notifications when GPUs come in stock on their site. Once the GPU is in stock, you get an email to notify you and then you have a certain amount of time to purchase the GPU before it is on to the next person.

Newegg has even got in on all of this and has a raffle like system where you can pick which components you want to buy, and they will notify you by email if you are one of the lucky ones. Again, once you have this email, you will have a short time. Generally 2 hours, I think to purchase these products before they are passed along to the next person.

Even with all these efforts, which are great by the way, don’t get me wrong, it still is just not enough to ensure that gaming GPUs are ending up in gamer’s hands. Now, this is where NVIDIA is stepping in, again. With their last effort, NVIDIA released their GTX 3060 GPUs with a limited hashrate. They then also made a mistake and rolled out a driver that effectively got rid of the limiter on the hash rate, allowing people to again mine on their 3060 GPUs at their full hashrate. Now, NVIDIA is back again with another 3060, but this time, it has a new core that won’t work with the 470.05 Beta driver. What’s even better is NVIDIA is going to start rolling these out, and when they do, you won’t be able to tell which model you have at the point of sale, which means miners will be more reluctant to buy 3060’s as they could get the duff ones that are only good for gaming and not mining. While this may sound crazy, this is where things are at currently and seeing NVIDIA take steps to ensure gamers are getting the gaming GPUs is great.

Want a bit more info? Check out Andy in the video below and as always, make sure to let us know in the comments what your thoughts are on this whole situation and if you think NVIDIA’s latest trick will actually work.

Ben Enos

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