Wilocity Developing The Fastest Wi-Fi In The World

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Wilocity, a 60-person company in Caesarea’s industrial zone is developing what it describes as “the world’s first multi-gigabit wireless chipsets” which it is basing around the current standards for super-high-speed internet connections. The chips will be able to transmit data at a speed of seven gigabits per second, making it around 25 times faster than one of the higher home internet connection speeds of 300 megabits per second and exponentially faster than standard broadband connections.

“With every generation of the product, capability improves and speed increases. As soon as you have speed, there’s no end to the applications.” said Yaron Elboim, Wilocity’s vice president of engineering. “First it will go into the business routers, then to computers for the consumer market and later, the standard will also reach mobile,” said Elboim. “It’s a matter of price.”

The company has already secured over $105 million in funding, and the prospect of transferring the data for a two hour high definition movie in just 2.2 minutes over the new wireless tech is tempting, because no one likes waiting for their data to transfer.

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The new Wi-Fi controller chips don’t restrict multiple users by dividing bandwidth between them, giving everyone a massive speed boost. The only downside is that the router and computer have to be in the same room, and within a distance of 100 meters / 328 feet. The new technology may be faster and have great range, but at current it is not effective through walls or other physical impediments.

The super-fast technology is based on new WiGig 60-gigahertz and IEEE802.11 standards for Wi-Fi. The new standards were approved in March of this year, and is expected to become the primary standard in computing over the next few years.

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