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/ 7 years ago

As we’re currently exhibiting at insomnia i46, we want to bring our fans already at the event and our readers from all over the world the very best content and of course giveaways.

Normally you’d see us teaming up with a variety of brands to offer you some of the coolest kit and prizes on the planet, and we’ve done that with the following competitions, so be sure to enter if you haven’t already:

This time however, we’ve decided to offer a prize that is one of the coolest and most sought after devices on the planet. For those who are Apple fanboys or not, you know that this is a prize not to be missed.

The new iPad boasts such qualities as Retina Display, improved battery life and an App Store that will leave you searching for hours for the latest utilities or games.

You can find more information on this prize here.

I’d love to win this prize, but how do I enter for my chance to win?

Entering for this amazing prize, couldn’t be simpler, as all you have to do is one of the following:

This competition is now closed!

The winner is Alexis May

Rules and regulations:

  • The competition is open WORLDWIDE!
  • The competition ends at midnight GMT on 28th October 2012
  • In the event of a dispute, eTeknix staff hold the final say and no discussions will be entered into
  • Delivery is not in the hands of eTeknix and can take some time to arrive
  • In the rare occurrence that the prize is unavailable, eTeknix reserve the right to offer an alternative
  • By entering this competition, you adhere to the above rules and regulations


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173 Responses to “Win The New iPad!”
  1. Gotta work on the CAPTCHA. It’s really hard to guess what it is when the top or bottom half (or more) is cropped off.

  2. Didn’t realise you guys had been going for so long! Only been following for a little while.

  3. Dave says:

    Great prize would love this, good luck all. Just states thank you for your comment so not sure if I entered or not, Tweeted, Liked, Shared & g+.

  4. slugbug55 says:

    Tweeted, liked, shared on FB, and +1

  5. Nice Giveaway thanks for the chance

  6. Ren Albs says:

    Another great prize. 🙂

  7. fadfadfdag says:


  8. I would like to win this ipad3 because I don`t have an ipad yet. By winning this, this will bring me closer to this website and I will also introduce this website to my friends and family members. This will mark the beginning of doing business with eteknix. Thanks.

  9. leonardo lacchini says:

    i love you !

  10. Never had an experience of an apple device ever 🙁

  11. Good afternoon. Topically a beautiful thing!

  12. Alex says:

    Really great! Thanks eteknix! Regards.

  13. Hoping to win this wonderful prize, since it is my dream gadget and also I really need this for my online review for next year.;)

  14. KG DC says:

    i want to win this wonderful ipad so i can use it updating me if ever there’s another competition or giveaways, so i can join again.. and to help me keep in touch with my family and friends using ipad wherever i go.

  15. Its simple…IPAD is everyones Dream….

  16. I’m going to be honest, I’ve never owned an Apple product and most likely won’t in the near future either. However, that doesn’t mean that I dislike Apple, because I don’t. Their products just cost way too much for my budget and needs. But, now I have the chance of actually owning an Apple product, an iPad of all things! Why should I win? I don’t really have the need of a tablet, but I do really want to try Apple’s products, and the iPad is no exception!

  17. disqus_Htiz6qZpcs says:

    Of course, It’s new. I should have one.

  18. I need an ipad for school, because id rather carry it around than my huge 17 inch HP with zero battery life. And i just can’t afford to pay 500 or more for a tablet, so ive been looking for contests like this.

  19. RobinDC says:

    I should win this because I have never won a single giveaway that I have
    joined and I think that I deserve to win and for once in my life I
    could say that I have won something of in some value. Winning this would
    mean a lot to me especially with the new ipad as the prize. It would be
    pretty bad-ass to have an ipad.

  20. I should win this because Eteknix is LEGEN –wait for it– DARY!:)

  21. RJ Pinca says:

    I should win because I need this new gadget for my online Job!!!

  22. Robin Peters says:

    I want to win because I have not got one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Arup Shaw says:

    because i love TAB !!!!

  24. I would love to win this I dont even have my own laptop so this would be awesome to have.

  25. I’d like to win this new iPad, because it will really help with getting my bachelor degree at Uni!!

  26. Katie says:

    This would really help out my degree!

  27. Katie says:

    I would love to win this so i can facetime with my boyfriend who’s living abroad this year!

  28. In 4 da win. good luck all!

  29. joealukka says:

    A sensible gift from sensible people.

  30. Guest says:

    pleseeee i wont to winnnn

  31. Mikel Kararaj says:

    pleaseeeee i wonttt veryyy much this gift

  32. Frank Roberts says:

    Need this to share with my daughter

  33. I would like the best gadget in the world!

  34. Nye Osborne says:

    my friends laugh at me becaus I only have a cheap Alcatel phone – please help me gain some credibility!

  35. Kitten476 says:

    Desperately want one! Can’t afford one – and it’s too big for a Christmas present. Winning one in a competition is the only way I’ll ever realistically get one. Fingers crossed!! xxx

  36. My daughter would love one of these for Christmas but I can’t afford to buy one for her. I would give anything to see her face on Christmas morning when she opens this.

  37. RogB says:

    I would like to win the new I Pad, as i have a old computer. It would be nice to have some think that is new and fast so that I could sit in a comfortable seat and surf the net, watch video’s and the pictures that I could take with the inbuilt camera!

  38. Lesley W says:

    An item of desire I could never buy for myself. Very old desktop and a secondhand mobile fun. Still…. mustn’t grumble – lol! 🙂 I’d love this to store my books and artwork on, so portable too, so ideal for sketching.

  39. TLD100 says:

    I’ve only ever used a PC and would like to know what all the fuss is about.

  40. Lesley W says:

    Would be brilliant to store all my favourite books on and to use for sketching all in one portable place. Fabulous item I could never afford for myself.

  41. Lesley W says:

    Would be brilliant to store all my favourite books on and to use for sketching all in one portable place. Fabulous item I could never afford for myself.

  42. would love to win as i will never be able to afford one

  43. Joan says:

    would love to win, to keep in touch with my sisters on facetime.

  44. I need iPad. I love iPad. i would be on it all the time if i had one so please let me win :=))

  45. I would like to win the ipad so that my daughter stops badgering me to buy one for her! It has got to the point where she has even offered to sacrfice her presents for the next 2 Christmases and birthdays if I get her one! Pleeeeaaaase save me from her incessant begging!! (I would mind the odd turn on it either to be honest!)

  46. I’d love one of these to see what all the fuss is about!!

  47. janeyf says:

    Everyone else I know has an ipad, even my 7 year old niece! It isn’t fair!

  48. Andrew Fletcher says:

    I need to win this: my fingers have atrophied through lack of a touch screen interface and therefore awarding me this laptop would be an act of compassion on your part… right?

  49. Mary Platt says:

    Because I have a PC that won’t connect to the internet and a notebook that has a keyboard that doesn’t work. I need one.

  50. midnightcookie says:

    I really need this I pad so that I can annoy my i- padless teenage kids as they keep laughing at my slow texting ability and my limited knowledge of twitter …Lets see who has the last laugh..whoah ha ha (evil villain laugh)

  51. Darren Parr says:

    I would love to win an ipad as owning a cheep chinese ipad copy just isnt the same as the real thing

  52. shellsterooney says:

    i would love an ipad because i’m lazy and would love to sit on the sofa with it!

  53. Because it’s an amazing piece of technology

  54. I would like to win an Ipad so I could show it off to all my friends! Plus playing angry birds on a screen that size would be so cool.

  55. I am a loyal eTeknix visitor and can visit the site more often and easier on an ipad than my slowly dying laptop. I also feel I am falling behind on the latest technology and this would bring me bang up to date!! 🙂

  56. jaa says:

    Nights are drawing in in the UK and it would be nice to snuggle up in bed and surf on the ipad instead of shivering in front of the PC.

  57. Dave says:

    To sit at nights with my children and enjoy the experience of learning through the Ipad.

  58. I should win this Ipad so I can boost about winning it to all of my friends!

  59. I would truly regard winning this as a Blessing.

  60. tony says:

    because its amazing

  61. dj_fairdo1 says:

    I should win this because I have this lamp and the genie inside it told me if i rubbed that thing hard enough i would win it!

  62. kat says:

    please, i really don’t want an amazon kindle fire (which i am resorting to having to buy as i can’t afford the ipad!)

  63. chris.bishop55 says:

    I should win this ipad and then I might feel that I have arrived in the 21st Century

  64. Subhan Allah Fekri says:

    It is really amazing!

  65. Steven Woods says:

    Really good prize…!

  66. olasenju says:

    wining such a prize could really help.

  67. i really really hope to win the new ipad, because i don.t have one and it’s amazing and look really nice

  68. Ratan karmokar says:

    hope 2 win

  69. I think no one would be happier than me if win this most amazing ipad 🙂

  70. Fix the Captcha not working right!!

  71. Vitaly says:

    hope to win!

  72. Doni says:

    captcha not working

  73. Hana FH says:

    because I never have one ;(

  74. Рада Березнева says:

    i want this beauty.

  75. ana georgievska says:

    the best tablet , need it for my workplace in hospital for quick access of information needed everyday

  76. Иван Кремлев says:

    There is no gadget in the world better than New iPad.

  77. Gimme gimme gimme GAME!!!!!!!!

  78. Bry Grimes says:

    I’ve been wanting one of these beautiful bits of technology since the first generation was released and I would rather love one to take to medical school with me!

  79. It’s my dream to own one of these ipads, do dreams ever come true?

  80. I’ve always wanted to get it because the laptop was broken

  81. coop3r says:

    I just love new Tech and dont have a sob story to post.

  82. amandahaze says:

    fab prize, my family would be so happy with new tech in house 🙂

  83. RKW9999 says:

    iPad: A Love Story

    I first met iPad last summer. I had come from a world of analogue radio and cine films. My friends were in despair and the world seemed to be leaving me behind. But then I met you on holiday, introduced by a friend…. and things started to change. I got with the times and got on with it and it turns out that I am not the technophobe that I had always imagined. But alas, all good holidays come to an end and now I am back home and lost without you. The cogs in my current computer are groaning and I think it’s time for an upgrade but I can’t forget the time we spent listening to music, sharing photos, playing the piano and you placing the world in the palm of my hands. I’m expecting a little one of my own soon and was hoping you’d be there to watch her with me and remind me of these great times in years to come. We could have a magical future together. But of course, this all just a dream…….

  84. nona says:

    i have to win this ipad because i love to have an ipad

  85. nona says:

    i love to have an ipad

  86. neuroslam says:

    I would love to win to keep in touch with family while on the move.

  87. surya says:

    done hope to win an ipad

  88. surya says:

    great competition and willing to have a awesome gift

  89. fawad says:

    dear here in afghanistan nothing is good i love to find good products

  90. Aryan Khan says:

    I like to have an Ipod … I really want to win this game ……

  91. Last night I dreamt, God came to me, and asked what I want. I asked for an IPAD. He advised me to go to He further told me to register, answer the questionnaire, and win the IPAD. After I woke up, I did everything, now the winning of IPAD is left only. I should win, because it will make God’s wishes true. 🙂

  92. shahed says:

    Apple is my favorite brand.

  93. Geoff says:

    My daughter has one,she has left home .My son has just bought a new laptop and i am stuck with the slow,old,PC apart from that i am a Bristol Rovers supporter and we are nicknamed the Pirates so a new iPatch would look so cool.

  94. Cari61 says:

    Daughter wants one for Christmas, but she ain’t getting mine!

  95. Ruth Hedges says:

    I should win the new iPad because it would make my Christmas to see my Granddaughter’s face opening this on Christmas Day.

  96. jenhegarty says:

    When I type the capcha the form keeps telling me to re-ckeck it – even though it’s right. Ive tried about 5 times noe, with different capchas – is there a fault with the webpage?

  97. Would love an I Pad cant afford one so here i am! dont have anything sad to say or tear jerking but i work hard and it would make my year

  98. Jerry the blue cat says:

    Would love to win daughters birthday soon !

  99. nessar ahmad says:

    so beutiful i want it realy …..

  100. I would love an ipad to give my husband for christmas but there is no way I could afford to buy one!

  101. Emma Wolski says:

    I would love to win this as I am cabin crew and this would be perfect to be able to keep up with all my favourite tv programmes by downloading them to take on trips with me as I am away a lot and have many 5 hour coach journeys!! I could also download my manual to help me revise for my yearly exams when I am away as my big grey manual is heavy and horrible to look at lol!

  102. Thomas says:

    my iPad 1 recently broke and I used it alot at university to study. This would be a awesome replacement so I can finally get my bachelor degree.

  103. I need to upgrade, ive got one of the first ipads, & wat a brick!!

  104. Dave says:

    What a great giveaway who ever wins this will be over the moon me included so count me in please & thanks well done eTeknix for this chance.

  105. Rob Wilson says:

    I would lov to win this as its the only apple product i dont have albeit very retro now the ones i do have.

  106. Janell says:

    I should win this because my computer locked up and this would be so much better than getting another computer.

  107. Awwww! really LOVED it, LOVE to Win iPad. Yet not got this Master Piece on my hand…

  108. You do a great job! Keep up the good work in the future!

  109. Fahim hamdard says:

    i will appreciated if i could get one like it too much

  110. Kitten says:

    Don’t have any sort of tablet device – just my old faithful laptop, so would L-O-V-E to win an iPad! Fingers (and toes) crossed! x

  111. i would really love this as my wife is allways hogging the computer

  112. Please…. i want this !!

  113. My grandsons would be well impressed by their super techie gran, if I could win this !

  114. Billio says:

    How popular with the kids and hubby would I be if I won this prize. As I have only ever won a tea towel previously I would love to win this and stop them laughing at me!

  115. Wendymann says:

    I just love this technology, please choose me

  116. i would like to win this for my two daughters for christmas, as they are amazing, x

  117. I can’t afford Ipad, so I am trying my luck in hundreds of competition. No luck at all! Maybe this time?


  119. I want to be an up to date grandmother to keep up with my tech-savvy grandchildren in faraway lands please!

  120. I’d love to win this – on the last day of our fabulous summer holiday we played crazy golf. My husband hit his ball into the river. He put his feet in to get the ball and slipped, My daughter and I laughed hysterically. It was so funny, as it was a real You’ve Been Framed moment. Unfortunately he had the video camera and digital camera in his pockets, and they were ruined, Thankfully the memory cards were safe. However I’d love to win this to take as our camera on our next family holiday – and I’d promise to keep my husband away from rivers on crazy golf courses…

  121. Thanks -entered,commented and liked – hope thats right!

  122. I buy my kids the latest gadgets and they give me their cast offs, then laugh hysterically at me for having them…….even my seventy year
    old mum is more tech savvy with her gadgets. I no longer wish to be an
    embarrassment to my family and I’d like for once to see my kids green with envy!!!

  123. rakib says:

    wish i cld win this ipad

  124. Bernadett Bandi says:

    I`ve never had any Apple product,but I heard noly good things about. I`d really love to win this one and try it by myself. Thanks for the chance! 🙂

  125. Ashu Kumar says:

    It’s a Class product , I want this

  126. I want this Beauty , Real Beauty

  127. Take a Apple a Day , Keep Doctor away

  128. yasmine choudhry says:

    me please

  129. Cool Gadget , It takes me cool

  130. Cool Gadget , It takes me cool

  131. It will be my first gadget of my life…………

  132. Awesome Awesome I want this Awesome

  133. Roop Singh says:

    I will drop other for Apple Ipad

  134. Fana Kusum says:

    I can not afford this so , I want to Ipad

  135. My Dream Wish , Please complete ……………. My Dream

  136. chris Garrattley says:

    It’s a lot better than the pass downs my children give me!!!

  137. Kath Amis says:

    This is the ipad of my dreams

  138. I would love to win one because I think they are fab and would be really useful

  139. This would be great for my daughter Mia, there are some great apps for learning on the iPad. Thank you for the great giveaway!

  140. Rebrecker says:

    Who won? 😀

  141. ornela zeneli says:

    i want it 🙁

  142. Sumosound says:

    It’s the best tablet ever made

  143. vinay says:

    what i say. i like it

  144. mohan kumar says:

    i want this bcoz i am very poor person

  145. i would love this! wanted 1 one for ages but with 2 teenagers money tight for me as a single ma like me sob, sob,

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