Win One of Three Crucial 525GB MX300 SSDs!

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We’ve teamed up with the good people at Crucial to give you the chance to win one of three Crucial 525GB MX300 SSDs. When it comes to giving your system a performance boost, upgrading to an SSD is one of the best ways to do it, and with 525GB of storage on offer, these drives will be ideal for those who love to install lots of software and games on their rig.


Product highlights

  • Sequential reads/writes up to 530 / 510 MB/s on all file types1
  • Random reads/writes up to 92k / 83k on all file types1
  • Over 90x more energy efficient than a typical hard drive2
  • Accelerated by Micron® 3D NAND technology
  • Dynamic Write Acceleration delivers faster saves and file transfers
  • More durable than a hard drive – no small moving parts that are prone to failure
  • Best-in-class hardware encryption keeps data safe and secure
  • Exclusive Data Defense guards against data corruption
  • Adaptive Thermal Protection allows for adaptive cooling
  • Power Loss Protection completes write commands even if power is lost4
  • Includes free Acronis® True Image™ HD software for easy data migration
  • Compatible with the Crucial Storage Executive tool for easy drive maintenance
  • 3 year limited warranty

“Increase the speed, durability, and efficiency of your system for years to come with the Crucial MX300 SSD. Boot up in seconds and fly through the most demanding applications with an SSD that fuses the latest 3D NAND flash technology with the proven success of previous MX-series SSDs. Your storage drive isn’t just a container, it’s the engine that loads and saves everything you do and use. Get more out of your computer by boosting nearly every aspect of performance.” – Crucial

Global Entries Welcome!

Win One of Three Crucial 525GB MX300 SSDs!

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  • Wesley Avrett

    Hope I win :D.

  • slugbug55

    Good luck everyone.

  • Marcus Schulz

    finally global *-*

  • Vítor Mendes

    NICE!!!! i neeidt 😛

  • Andreas Niggemann

    Count me in 🙂

  • Allan Walsh

    Whoop! I could do with one of these bad boys!

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  • Oliver Wiegand

    good luck everyone

  • Jörg Häntzschel

    good luck everyone

  • Michael Kristensen

    yeah good luck everyone 🙂

  • Mazé Castro

    great giveay, fingers crossed!!!

  • Rodel Mercurio

    gI’m joined. G
    ood luck everyone

  • Edis Zukić

    Warp speed 9.3 in a drive 😀 Engage

  • Nizar3003

    DONE 😀

  • Anonimo

    oh man stumbled upon this, while searching for a new hdd after my hdd died last week! I have no pc right now! I need it!

  • Sholva

    Thanks for this, GL everyone.

  • Sergio Teixeira

    Great!Thank you!

  • Vitor Vieira


  • Hong Wang Tan

    Gotta get em all!

  • Thx for the chance 🙂 Good luck 😀

  • Marcus

    Haha like that you added the youtube subscription 😀

  • Hamid Mehmood

    my laptop could really get a life if it gets one of these 😀

  • Sushruta

    My Asus laptop has a poor 5400 RPM 1TB HDD which is pathetically slow…It’s the common issue with value laptops…This SSD will make my laptop very fast…Thanks for the chance…

  • Wesley Okken

    Good luck all 🙂

  • Jaime

    good lucky !

  • jose f rodriguez

    awesome giveaway thank you for letting us the chance to win one of this good luck to all

  • Jahid Khan

    good luck guys.

  • Martin Lapuh


  • Syed Hasnain Raza Rizvi

    Good Luck Everyone

  • Syed Hasnain Raza Rizvi

    This One Definately Super Charge My Slow Laptop.Hope To Win This

  • jose f rodriguez

    happy thanksgiving to all and good luck

  • Hoopik

    looks insane af

  • kherri106

    Send me one lol all the way to Africa we need such lol

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  • kherri106

    32 hours 2go

  • Marcel Teixeira Poisl

    Thanks for the chance!

  • Mark Graham

    awesome Crucial and eteknix

  • TechPcGamer

    good luck everone be nices 2 win im on a old 120gb ssd

    • Al

      ya, I’m on a 120GB Plextor m5 pro xtreme that I bought back in 2014.

      • Karma211

        Still running my WD 250GB mechanical HDD from 2006

  • Jeff

    Good Luck!

  • Plan on doing a YouTube video on this if I win. I would love to run benchmarks and share the results. Good luck to everyone!

    • Shaaz Hussain

      How many entries bro?

      • Sadly only 11. I commented on the day that I found this giveaway. I really do not expect to win one of the three. I will more than likely have to purchase one. I still plan on running the benchmarks though. It will be fun to see :).

  • Scott

    Good luck yall!

  • AndyRock1

    Good luck everyone! Fingers crossed X

  • glenn boos

    Always bought Crucial,hope to win one now.

  • Saku

    Need one for my mac.

  • Joe Liechty

    Enter “sad story of why I should be picked, my life is horrible, I have ALWAYS used this brand, your (company name) is the best” here

    • Zeromass

      You forgot how life changing this would be and how selfless their need for it is!

      • Joe Liechty

        Aw man, there goes my chances now.

  • Bizzy Garcia

    good luck everyone and congrats to whoever wins.

  • kherri106

    need one to give life to my pc its so noisy with so many hdd

  • Gian Mendoza

    When will the winner be announced?

  • Shaaz Hussain


  • Scott

    Congrats you 3! 🙂

  • Mark Geasley

    Oh wow, never thought I’d win something. Thank you so much eteknix 😀

    • Mark Geasley

      I have responded via the Contact Us form, hope I’m doing that right lol. Over the moon with winning :3

  • Mark Yule

    Having a tea break at work – msg on phone.. starts dancing 🙂

    Brilliant news, thanks Eteknix and Crucial !

    • Nero

      Hi! Have you received the prize?

      • Mark Yule

        Hi, not yet but i contacted Crucial and was told they were being shipped out this week.


      • Mark Yule

        Hi Nero, no not yet. I contacted Crucial and they said the were being shipped this week so hopefully soon 🙂

        • Nero

          I can’t wait any longer, hope it will arrive soon 😋, thanks for your reply.

          • Mark Yule

            Hi Nero, guess what came in the post today! It shipped from East Kilbride which is only 15 miles from me – hopefully you get yours soon 🙂

          • Nero

            That’s good! Enjoy your new SSD.

    • Nero

      Hi Mark! How did you contact Crucial? I still haven’t received any. 🙁