Win a PC Game of Your Choice!

/ 4 months ago

We love giving away awesome prizes here at eTeknix, and with so many great games hitting the market recently, we thought it would be the perfect time to give away a game of your choice worth up to £40. This competition is open globally, so no one should feel left out!

All you have to do is complete at least one step below, although keep in mind that you can fill in more steps and the daily entries to increase your chances of winning.

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Good luck everybody, and feel free to let us know what game you are most looking forward to in the comments section!

Win a PC Game of Your Choice!

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  • Marek Dubaj

    Hi I´m so excited to try out Mass Effect: Andromeda, already have all 3 parts of game and I love this series 🙂

  • Trantor

    good luck all!

  • Greg Hall

    Good luck all

  • Ivan Krastev


  • Petar Stojancic

    I’m always in for some free stuff. He he he.

  • Alexander_81

    Good luck )))

  • Tonia Clifton

    This would be lovely 🙂

  • Helios Mus

    good luck to all

  • Lucian Cornea


  • Kristjan Kadaja


  • Bjørnar Berntsen

    in it to win it

  • Andreas Niggemann

    My fingers crossed !!

  • Hieverybody !

    Good luck everyone! Thanks eteknix!

  • Steve Cox

    Trying to decide between ME:Andromeda or Nier: Automata, both seem great but buggy and I might just prefer to wait for patches and sales. Either way, if I win and it’s free then it won’t matter.

  • Trooper

    Well if I win I’m thinking its about time I visited New Bordeaux 🙂

  • David Bazan Carques

    Good luck!!

  • Geralt_Bialy_Wilk

    Still need to get Civ VI and GTA V, so this would be a great opportunity 😀

  • Gta V!

  • Dusan Milojevic

    GTA V! 🙂

  • Sofiya11

    !!! Yes it is! I too was hoping this would come, I’d prefer physical but I can’t argue, it’s coming. Official website is up already: ……..

  • Mass Effect

  • Tiago Noia


  • Cody Badchkam (Cody0507)

    Thanks for doing the giveaway and Yooka Laylee

  • Oskar Rodriguez Navarro

    hi 🙂 Fallout 4

  • Results

  • Oskar Rodriguez Navarro

    who is the winner? :S

  • when are they announcing winner

  • I hope I will win