Windows 10 64-bit Now Has Over 50.15% Usage Share on Steam Survey as of March 2017

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Windows 10 64-bit Now Has Over 50.5% Usage Share on Steam Survey as of March 2017

The latest Steam Hardware and Software Survey for March 2017 has been released and it shows that Microsoft’s Windows 10 64-bit OS has finally reached over 50.15% usage share, a big leap from 47.7% from last month. It has gained ground while Windows 7 64-bit has not dipped nearly as far down, holding on the second place with 29.97% from 31.41% last month. This is actually even slightly better than the 29.74% usage share from January 2017, showing that there are still plenty of gamers holding out on upgrading from their Windows 7 system.

In terms of hardware, 1920 x 1080 monitor usage is holding strong and has gained +2.03% share from last month while 4K gaming growth is slow with only +0.03% increase from last month. Systems with 8GB of RAM still hold the majority share at 35.54% with a +1.32% increase from last month, but 12GB and higher is gaining ground at 22.6%, increasing by +1.52%, despite the continued increase in RAM prices.

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AMD processor adoption did not increase despite the release of Ryzen, but in fact losing -1.46% from February. AMD processor share on Steam has remained around the 21% mark ever since October and this is actually the first time that percentage has dipped below that threshold, now at 20.43%.

Video card shares remain strongly in favor of NVIDIA, with seven of their video cards (five of which are from the 10-series) having the biggest percentage change in March for DirectX 12 GPUs. For DirectX 11 GPUs, Intel leads the pack with increased usage of their integrated graphics more than all of AMD DirectX11 combined. DirectX12 GPU usage has also increased by +1.03% ahead of the upcoming refreshes from both NVIDIA and AMD in the mid-range segment.

Windows 10 64-bit Now Has Over 50.5% Usage Share on Steam Survey as of March 2017

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  • EmperorSRB

    Well it’s not that hard to believe considering it’s practically forced onto users.

  • Eric P Turner

    Gee i wonder why maybe because they FORCED people into it and gave it away for free even though nothing is for free since windows 10 is basically a giant piece of SPYWARE and was mostly likely bankrolled buy the government so they can spy on everyone much easier, paranoid no its common sense, like i said nothing is free there is always a catch. yes you can disable a ton of stuff but there are tons of things you can not disable and even more that gets turned back on every time you get a windows update. now they tell us if you use a Ryzen or Krappylake CPU they are going to block you from getting updates on windows 7 and 8.1, Multiple people that have worked for Microsoft have come forward and said this a blatant force play with no reasoning behind it other than greed and forcing people to windows 10, with windows 10 your are no longer buying a product YOU ARE THE PRODUCT and that is very dangerous thing.

  • Vorlon

    Let’s be honest. In these surveys all participants don’t care about privacy one iota. They are perfectly fine with software spying on them 24/7 and they can’t comprehend that you can say NO to $team surveillance (pardon ‘surveys’).

    I’ve never participated in any $team survey because I’m not that daft.

    And comparing $team surveys with actual adoption rate of Disaster10 is about as accurate as predicting next year snowfalls.

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