Windows 10 Preview Keys Have Been Deactivated

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Windows Insider beta project leader Gabriel Aul had recently warned to not reinstall Windows 10 Preview because the secret keys given out to insiders would fail. That created a little confusion among people as it kind of contradicted any previous statement in regards to the Windows Insider program and the users ability to keep using the Windows 10 Preview after the final version was launched.

According to Aul, all pre-release products secret keys for Windows 10 beta preview of the project are no longer valid and you can not activate any preview including the almost-official version of Build 10240.

But users who previously used the secret key to activate the system won’t be affected and it will continue to work as before. You just can’t use the fresh install, but have to use the update feature instead and Aul also encouraged users to keep receiving push updates.

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Rohit Chettri now clarified the whole thing a little more in a blog post, eliminating any questions there should be in this matter.


Windows 10 is almost here and I for one can’t wait to get my hands on it. I like what I’ve seen and I think it’s a great improvement, even when we don’t get to take advantage of it all right away. For example we know that it will have DirectX 12, but developers will have to come up with apps and games to take advantage of this first. Right now there are just demos and benchmarks, no real products.

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2 Responses to “Windows 10 Preview Keys Have Been Deactivated”
  1. JonasTone says:

    Been using it for ages now and find it to be the best version of windows in recent years.

    It does away with all the nasty issues many had with Win8.1 and instead gives you a much smoother experience from install to logoff.

    The new/old mix on the start menu is a nice twist on the classic start menu with a hint of metro that is an acceptable level of metro.

    The overall experience with functionality so far as exceeded my expectations, as an early adopter of windows 8 i was shocked at how bad everything felt, that was until you installed a third party start menu that made everything a thousand times better, but still, Windows 8.1 was still metro heavy and metro invasive, metro seemed to get everywhere in Win 8, thank full, other than supporting all of the same “apps” from the windows store(which all seem like “emulated” phone apps in a virtual wrapper) most of what i associated to metro has gone.

    I think Windows 10 has the potential to be amazing, and as i say, thus far i have been enjoying the experience of using it.

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