Windows 10 Service Release 1 Inbound for Next Week

/ 2 years ago

Windows 10 SR1

The Windows 10 launch wasn’t the smoothest around, but it went pretty good overall. Most people are happy with the upgrade and are enjoying all the benefits that the new operating system brought along. But it wasn’t good for everyone and quite a few issues for some people from trackpads lagging to browsers crashing and much more.

Microsoft was quick to release patches for most issues reported and it looks like they’ve collected them all into one package and probably added the latest fixes as well and dubbed it Service Release 1, or SR1. According to the latest reports, that is inbound for next week, the 10th of August. So that is great news for everyone that stuck it out despite minor trouble instead of reverting back to their old Windows 7 or 8/8.1 installation.

“Windows 10 SR1 is a cumulative update package. It will bring some new features, but the main purpose is to repair the system after release and fix the problems exposed.”

Later this year, Microsoft plans to provide more substantial upgrades and add new features to OneDrive and Skype, but most importantly browser extension support for Edge, Microsofts new and quite popular browser.

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Have you made the switch to Windows 10 and if so, how do you like it so far? Had any major issues, then please let us know in the comment sections.

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  • Eoin Mc Namara

    Europe is still waiting for the invite lol

    • Simon Deighton

      Just download the installer, job done

    • Bob

      No we aren’t.

    • Jai Guru

      Take it from a dummy who adopted early, be glad for the wait. This article’s sugar coating borders on yellow journalism. This roll out is beyond broken.

      • TheAnimeBox

        except that it wasnt a broken rollout, just because you had issues doesnt mean everyone did

      • butcher99

        works great for me I love it. How many millions of people run windows, and you have a problem. Broken for you but not everyone.

  • Anon

    I couldn’t even start explorer or task manager in SAFE MODE
    and downgrading failed so I had to restore my backup

  • chimera_85

    Love it so far and no major issues. Just had to install my Nvidia GPU driver twice and had a password issue the first time I logged in

  • Jai Guru

    1. Bluetooth drivers from Broadcom cause BSOD when I start my headset and the native windows BT drivers only work when they feel like it, which is less than half the time.

    2. WIndows has decided I don’t own my own drive, thus I can’t change the files in my program files folder as I see fit unless I’ve activated a super admin account that, surprise surprise, has been neutered to “protect” me from myself. And even as a Super Admin I cannot give myself control of the drive because why should I own the stuff I bought, am I right?

    3. Cortana hemorrhages my data but works half the time. And even when it does work, it’s been gimped by not being able to control basic windows functions even half as well as the long running voice command feature. Why? Not to mention the voice commands are made irrelevant half the time because Cortana’s little window refuses to actually close and she loves to ignore voice commands while it’s open. How goddamn clever is that?

    4. When I called MS, they hung up on me. And I was nice to those horrible Indians who pretend their name is John and cannot speak English better than I can HIndi. We all need to eat but get real with this crap. Communicate clearly in the COMMUNICATIONS JOB.

    5. Because of said issues I’ve had to reinstall 10 TWICE.

    The list of things windows 10 cannot do is staggering.

    • Here’s how I learned to get out of that, for Win10: . Look at the BOTTOM of that link for ‘davidcondrey’, his answer. I did what he suggested (as the rest of the suggestions on that page don’t work — only his suggestion works). That’s how I got around the admin problem in both Win10 and Win8 (for I have dual boot initially using the TP but now it’s activated at build 10240, getting all the updates, too).

  • Koshy George


  • Cherish

    My game no longer works. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled it twice. I’ve checked and I have Direct X 10. Not Direct X 12 like it says I should have. I’ve searched online for other solutions, and am hoping that if I can get the Direct X 12 installed, that it May solve my problem. A link posted to a direct download to Direct X 12 would be greatly appreciated! 🙂

    • Evan Lam

      DirectX 12 is not something that can just downloaded and used with older games. DirectX 12 support has been included in WIndows 10, but to utilize it, both your graphics card and the game have to be compatible with Direct X 12, and as of right now, no games are using Direct X 12. If you have a card that does support DirectX 12 and you purchase a game that uses DirectX 12, you will then be given the option to use it in the game options, but it is not available right now.

      • Cherish

        Oh I see. Thank you. So do you know if there is a way I can get this game to work. It is an OLD game. But it’s worked right up until I upgraded to Windows 10. Currently my laptop uses I believe an integrated graphics device. Intel(R) HD Graphics.

        • Hei, i also have a problem running my FIFA 14 in my windows 10, but found it can be solved when i run it compability mod win7.

          • Cherish

            Hi, thank you. I tried that, and also in other compatibility modes, none of them worked. I guess unless EAgames offers an upgrade to their game, I will be locked out of this one unless I find an old PC to play the game on.

          • r4ymonf

            This might be a little weird, but one game that didn’t work for me worked with DXWnd’s registry emulation mode. Try it!

          • Cherish

            r4ymonf, Thank you. I went there to try it but as soon as it unzipped, my Norton’s Security Suite, (actually Norton’s Insight) shut it down and removed it. I could override that and allow it but then it warned me of an attack that would be released on my system. I was unable to locate a different sight to download it from. I generally feel that site is safe, ( )but can’t afford to make a mistake. Any other suggestions?

          • r4ymonf

            DXWnd is all I know of. If you don’t trust it, the program is open source. Download the source, examine it as you wish, and compile it yourself then.

          • Cherish


  • zener_region

    Windows releases usually get stable about SP2, and achieve log-term stability about SP3. When MS announced “free” upgrades I realized it was jiust another giant Beta test.

    • TheAnimeBox

      there hasnt been a windows os service pack 2 in over ten years

      • r4ymonf

        Vista had a SP2, and it was extremely stable.

      • zener_region

        Service Pack 2 for Windows Vista was released to manufacturing on April 28, 2009. In lieu of SP3 MS provided Platform Update for Windows Vista, which was released on October 27, 2009. It includes major new components that shipped with Windows 7, as well as updated runtime libraries.

        You need better information sources @TheAnimeBox. Don’t just make stuff up.

  • Kurt Robin Jalgalado

    Did not have any regrets on upgrading to windows 10, so far so good, tho I was having issues like slow boot ups and I have to wait for a couple of minutes before I could use my laptop, but after that it works smoother than my previous os which is win8.1 🙂

  • butcher99

    worked great at first. Now windows keeps installing new video drivers from amd that do not work with my old amd 4800 card. I end up with one monitor and 1280X1024 res. I have to run DDU to uninstall drivers totally then install old drivers that work. Then I am good for 2 hours until MS reinstalls the no good drivers.

    • Louie Hill

      If you do some google fu, you can find software MS released to curb this problem. It wasn’t exactly publicized though.

      • butcher99

        Yes, found that but someone with little or no skills would never find it or realize the problem.
        It is my old hardware that is the problem of course. I don’t game much anymore so I see no need to spend another $300 or more on a vid card.
        Other than my specific problem I love 10. but then I liked 8 once I got used to it.

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