Windows 10 to Support 8K Resolution

/ 3 years ago

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Though 4K content is still sparse, Microsoft is looking ahead by bringing 8K video resolution support to its forthcoming operating system, Windows 10. 8K support will be available on displays larger than 27 inches, according to slides from Microsoft’s presentation in Shenzhen, China, last week.

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A number of major display manufacturers debuted 8K televisions at CES 2015 this January, but the resolution standard is still years away from mainstream adoption, as is the smaller 4K resolution. In terms of content, only Japan’s NHK has made noises about adopting 8K, with the channel planning to broadcast the Tokyo Olympics in 2020 in 7680 x 4320 resolution.

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Gaming, however, is likely to see an accelerated adoption of 8K, with both NVIDIA and AMD preparing SLI configurations to handle the ultra-high definition aspect, and Windows launching DirectX 12 this year. Star Citizen is one major release that is aiming for native 8K support; not forgetting professional industries and digital signage that may also use the higher resolution in the near future.

The move certainly fits with Microsoft’s desire for Windows 10 to become “the best operating system we’ve ever created for gamers on PCs”.

Source: PC World

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