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Windows 10 Update Has a Good But Possibly Annoying Feature

For anyone with any experience of operating a PC (or laptop) online, it’s not exactly a secret that there are masses of programs available to download that may not necessarily be a healthy addition to your system. While Windows 10 does have a number of good security protections in place, however, there is ultimately very little they can do to completely stop a user from making a mistake like this.

Following the latest Windows 10 update released earlier this week, however, it has been found that a new feature has been added that while potentially good in terms of protecting users, it might potentially prove to be more than a little bothersome for others!

Windows 10 Update – Better (But More Annoying?) Security!

In a report via LaptopMag, users have found that since the update, Windows 10 now practically requires any software being installed on the operating system to come from a ‘trusted’ source. This does, however, require some clarifications.

Before you go panicking about what you will and won’t be able to install though, we should note that this new security ‘feature’ only applies to software that specifically looks to install or modify drivers on your PC or laptop.

For example, if you own, shall we say, non-mainstream technology such as an unbranded wireless adaptor or webcam, this security update could potentially throw a significant issue if/as/when you next go to install them. Put simply, if Microsoft, doesn’t recognize the manufacturer and/or creator of the software, it may not allow the drivers to be applied which, by proxy, means that your product may not work.

What Will Happen?

Although pending confirmation, attempting to install driver related software from an unrecognised source will results in one of two error messages:

  • Windows can’t verify the publisher of this driver software
  • No signature was present in the subject

In terms of a fix or workaround, it may potentially be possible if you keep your system offline while installing the software. Albeit, we have certainly not confirmed this. In a nutshell though, if you do own some moderately unusual peripherals that require drivers, you might want to install them before you make this update because, while tighter security is ultimate better for everyone, this could prove to be a very aggravating issue for some!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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