Windows 10 Users Will Get a ‘Sweet’ Surprise Pre-Installed on Their OS

/ 3 years ago


What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about pre-installed games on Windows operating systems? Well, for some it might be Microsoft’s own Minesweeper puzzle game where I know some of you have spent hours on end trying to not get yourself blown up near the end.

Another might be Solitaire where you constantly try to think of ways not to get yourself stuck, or you might even have fancied a game of Chess to pass the time and work your brain. But who would have imagined that you will soon see another popular ‘delicious’ title, broadly known on mobile devices, coming pre-installed on Microsoft’s latest OS?

Yes, I’m talking about King’s own Candy Crush Saga if you haven’t already guessed. After becoming a phenomenon on mobile platforms such as Android, iOS and even Windows Phone since last December, the title is now going to come pre-installed on the latest Windows 10 OS. But that’s not all that King has on their agenda.

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Candy Crush Saga users will now have cross-play options for iOS and Android, keeping all your personal data in sync with both your PC/console and mobile phone. In addition, King said that more titles will be making their way on Microsoft’s latest OS, giving users the ability to play their favourite mobile titles on their PCs or consoles and pick up where they left off on their mobile devices.

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