Windows 10 Will Be Version 10.0, Not 6.4

/ 3 years ago

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Microsoft Windows has forever had an incredibly complex numbering scheme. With all its different versions and sub-versions – 3.x, 9.x, NT, many have struggled to understand how Windows 7 was seventh and equally how Windows 8 was eighth.

Well with Windows 10, Microsoft shook everything up, jumping a whole number. You’d think this would make everything even more complicated, but now Microsoft is planning to set things straight.

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Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 will actually be version 10.0, not 6.4 (which is what it would have been). This should finally solve any numbering confusion.

The company has said that the new numbering shouldn’t cause any compatibility problems, although developers have plenty of time to be sure of that before Windows 10 is released to the public late next year.

Source: The Verge


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2 Responses to “Windows 10 Will Be Version 10.0, Not 6.4”
  1. Kris Turner says:

    I’ve been using Windows 10 technical preview for about 2 weeks now, and I can honestly say that it is my favorite yet.

    I was expecting it to be sluggish and un-innovative but it has such great features I most definitely will be buying it when it comes out.

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