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Windows 11 is Likely Moving to Annual Updates

With Windows 11 due to release later this year, while many have already had something of a problem in making their current Windows 10-based system compatible, with the launch of this new operating system there are many that will clearly be hoping that Microsoft puts a lot more into the effectiveness and quality of its updates. I mean, let’s be honest, by and large Windows 10 had a pretty lousy (and well deserved) reputation for regularly providing little of note in even its major updates and, more often than not, somehow managed to often break more than they fixed with them.

Following a report via The NextWeb, however, with Microsoft confirming that Windows 11 will be transitioning to just 1 major update per year, on the whole, we can’t help but feel that this is probably a good idea!

Windows 11 to Move to Annual Updates

It is, of course, entirely expected that Windows 11 will provide users with updates at least once a month just to maintain the latest security on the operating system. However, the curious point is that with Windows 11 transitioning itself to annual ‘major’ updates, it seems to be a far more logical decision and perhaps something of an admission from Microsoft that the system employed on Windows 10 simply didn’t work.

It’s not even a case that the updates were bad. In fact, and if we’re being honest, for the vast majority of users, most of the minor or major updates usually applied themselves without any notable issues. And if problems were caused, which admitted they were, Microsoft generally had them fixed within a week at the most.

By and large, however, it’s hard to argue that switching to annual updates will undoubtedly not only help Microsoft, but give its users a far better experience with the new operating system.

What Do We Think?

By switching Windows 11 to only 1 major update per year, this very quickly (or at least potentially) solves two of the biggest problems Microsoft has had. Firstly, that they can spend a lot more time actually making it an update that we notice rather than just a handful of changes nobody cares about. Secondly, with all that time on their hands, they can try and actually make sure that when it releases it doesn’t bugger up a good portion of its communities systems!

I mean, that reason alone might make the transition from Windows 10 to 11 suddenly seem a lot less bothersome than it did before! Of course, though, this is only a ‘likely’ scenario at the moment as Microsoft has flip-flopped on this subject more than a few times with Windows 10. All going well though, the update madness might be coming to an end!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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