Windows 7 Bulldozer patch brings no performance improvements

/ 6 years ago

The new Windows 7 Bulldozer patches have been out for a day now and it was only a matter of time before someone got around to testing them to see if they actually work. And unsurprisingly for AMD fans the resulting figures show a performance gain of at best 3% in some applications but the majority feature no change at all. The only real success story was Resident Evil which managed 4% more performance.

The reviewer put FX-8150 through synthetic tests such as AIDA64 (CPU benchmarks, FPU benchmarks), Cinebench 11.5, MaxxPi (multi-threaded PI calculations), WPrime, Twofish AES, 3DMark (Vantage and 11), ComputeMark; and some real-world tests such as WinRAR, Resident Evil 5, and Battleforge. Barring Resident Evil 5, where the patched FX-8150 produced 4% higher performance and WinRAR, where it produced 3% higher performance, there were no significant performance gains noticed.



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