Windows 7 is 5 times more secure than XP!

/ 7 years ago

Microsoft has always said that Windows 7 was more secure than the previous Operating systems. They are again stating that it is a lot more secure than XP. But now proof has finally emerged. The results of an annual systems intelligence report showed some interesting results. It turns out the rate of infection is actually 5 time lower on Windows 7 than on XP. There most secure being the 64 bit versions of the Operating system. The Kernel Patch Protection is exclusive to the 64 bit version of the OS and stops the kernel being patched in anyway.

Vista users are still safer than XP users but 2 times less than the users of Windows 7. Windows 8 can only get better as a lot of the base code of the operating system is being completely rewritten. Now we just need secure Cloud computing and we’ll be sorted.

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One Response to “Windows 7 is 5 times more secure than XP!”
  1. Leo Bien Durana says:

    Glad to hear that. This is the bright side of MICROSOFT!

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