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Windows 7 Support Ends Today With One Potential Final Patch

Well, January 14th is here and, unless Microsoft metaphorically calls the Warden for an 11th-hour reprieve, support for the Windows 7 operating system is due to end today!

Perhaps surprisingly, Microsoft has largely been quiet on the subject. I mean, to my knowledge there hasn’t been masses of ‘make sure you upgrade to Windows 10‘ nagware appearing. By this time tomorrow, however, if you are still using 7, it seems likely that you’re going to get a pop-up notification warning you that official support has come to an end.

In a report via PCWorld, however, before Microsoft flicks off the light, there may be one last major security update on the way.

Windows 7 to Get One Final Major Security Fix!

In the report, it is suggested that a pretty significant security flaw may still exist within the crypt32.dll driver. If true, this could potentially allow malware to get (or fake) digital signatures. While I won’t bore you with the details of why this is bad, trust me, it’s bad!

As such, Microsoft is expected to release the security fix for it, if not today, then in the very near future. What does this mean for the operating system moving forward though?

What Happens Next?

While we fully expect that Microsoft will continue to provide updates for the foreseeable future for any remaining major security flaws, Windows 7 users will no longer see monthly updates. Well, not unless you paid to join the extended support program.

In other words, as of tomorrow, you begin taking increasingly significant risks to your PCs security. Particularly if you’re still using Windows 7 in an online environment.

The short version is, you can still use the operating system. As of tomorrow, however, you’re effectively on your own!

What do you think? Do you still use Windows 7? If so, are you going to make the switch to 10? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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