Windows 8.1 Battery Life Benchmark

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When it comes to mobility and Windows 8.1, it’s all about the battery life. Nobody would want to see their laptops or tablets shut down in the middle of a movie or while browsing the internet for an important information.

The guys at Anandtech performed some tests on a Sony VAIO Pro 13 to determine the battery life in Windows 8.1. For the test, they used a 1080p MP4 video (having 2.03 Mbps MP4 with an AVC High L4.1 profile video stream and a 93.8 Kbps 2-channel AAC audio stream to be more precise) and played it on MPCHC, VLC, Windows Media Player and the Modern UI Video app.

The results are as following:


As show above, MPCHC is the least optimized for MKV playback, sucking up the most battery out of your system. Moving upwards, we see VLC doing a bit better, having 7% more ground than the MPCHC but not so good when switching to lower bitrate, in which case MPCHC takes the lead.

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Windows Media Player surprisingly managed to score 418 minutes, 32% more than MPCHC and 36% better than VLC. The Video app takes the lead in the end by 13% compared to the classical Windows Media Player and a staggering 50% to 54% lead when looking back at the MPCHC and VLC.

In terms of Metro UI and Desktop modes, the Video app does not show a considerable difference, it is measured at 2%, but if you want to squeeze that 15 minutes out of a movie, Metro UI mode is the solution.

Thank you Anandtech for providing us with this information
Images courtesy of Sony and Anandtech

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