Windows 8.1 Build 9431 Revealed, Has Start Button

/ 4 years ago


The Windows 8.1 preview is expected to be announced tomorrow and with it we are expecting a host of new features and a significant overhaul of some Windows 8 features. There have been some images made available by PCBeta and they detail the latest build, number 9431, of Windows 8.1.


Unlike previously seen builds these certainly look a lot more polished but one thing will stand out the most, which is the (re)appearance of the start button. The start button has been redesigned slightly, in terms of the logo, but it is still where we would expect to find it especially if you are coming from Windows 7.

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The preview also provides access to the latest version of Microsoft’s browser, Internet Explorer 11, which is yet to be released and may now be released alongside the Windows 8.1 preview tomorrow.


Unfortunately you cannot download the Windows 8.1 preview just yet but we can expect it to become available in the next day or so and then everyone can check the new/redesigned features out for themselves.

Images courtesy of PCBeta

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  • Husker Ook Haste

    that’s very nice, will we able to upgrade to this windows 8.1?

  • d6bmg

    Good move by M$.

    • d6bmg

      Start button + start Menu = WIN