Windows 8.1 Is Not A Service Pack, Is This The End Of Service Packs?

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Microsoft already confirmed yesterday that Microsoft’s Windows “Blue” will actually be a free update for Windows 8, is called Windows 8.1 and is available free to Windows 8 owners. We only have to wait until June 26th for the preview of Windows 8.1, yet Microsoft is firmly saying that Windows 8.1 is not a service pack.

While the difference between Windows 8.1 and a service pack is marginal at best, could Windows 8.1 signal the end of the service pack? Well it certainly seems that way. Windows CFO Tami Reller has already been quoted as saying to the press that Windows 8.1 is not a service pack but should be seen as an update of the existing Windows 8 operating system.

If Windows 8.1 does signal the end of the service pack, a function that arrived with Windows XP and lasted Vista and 7, then we may not ever see that Windows 7 Service Pack 2 that a lot of people were hoping for. That said there is no way Microsoft won’t continue to churn out updates for Windows 7 as it is still their most popular operating system and some retailers (Scan being one of them) have even come out saying that Windows 7 sells better than Windows 8 in their store.

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In place of the service pack, Microsoft will now provide continual updates for all its operating systems that are still supported. As a result don’t expect to see any service packs, but you can still expect to see the contents of service packs distributed in a much more gradual way.

“You’ll immediately benefit from continual updates – whether it’s from app updates through the Windows Store, performance updates through Windows Update or the Windows 8.1 update later this year”

On this same note of Windows OS updates, and not service packs, with Windows 9 expected in November 2014 it is expected we could see a Windows 8.2 early to mid next year since the new trend is now of OS version updates not service packs.

We will keep you updated if Microsoft makes any “official” comments about the future of the service pack. What are your thoughts on the unofficial end to the service pack?

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One Response to “Windows 8.1 Is Not A Service Pack, Is This The End Of Service Packs?”
  1. d6bmg says:

    The term 8.1 suggests that technically, it’s Service pack 1 for win 8. It could be standalone, but it doesn’t break Microsoft’s nomenclature system.

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