Windows 8.1 Launches in 60 Days

/ 5 years ago


According to Softpedia Windows 8.1 will now launch in just 6o days. This means we should see Windows 8.1 on October 18th 2013. The new OS is actually just a rather large core update for Windows 8 a bit like a Service Pack but not labelled as such. The Windows 8.1 update will reinstate the Start Button but maintains the current Start Screen with a bit of a UI redesign. Microsoft are really hoping that Windows 8.1 will give Windows 8 a boost in demand that it needs because most recent estimates suggested that Windows 8 had managed just 5-6% market share in its entire release period.

While Windows 8.1 goes live on October 18th the update can be downloaded a day earlier from the Microsoft store. Any users on Windows 8 are encouraged to get this update while anyone yet to buy Windows 8 will have to wait for standalone versions of Windows 8.1 to be sold or will have to purchase Windows 8 in advance of the new update.

Image courtesy of Microsoft

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