Windows 8.1 Roll Out Starts Today

/ 4 years ago


Starting today at 4am PDT, Windows 8.1 will begin rolling out as an optional update to all Windows 8 users. It has been a long time coming, or at least it has felt like a long time, that Windows 8 will get a major overhaul and re-fresh, and I’m sure many users of the OS are eager to see what the new update has to offer.

Windows 8 has not done well in terms of popularity, although personally I think it’s hard to figure out why. Many people didn’t like the new tile interface, but I also personally believe many just didn’t give it a chance, or at the very least only focused the bulk of their attention on that aspect of the OS. I know a few (yes, only a few) who are more than happy with and what time I’ve spent on it myself, I didn’t have any issues with it. However, just because I think it’s a good OS, doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement and Microsoft are going to be adding new built-in apps, new UI changes, better search technology and more.

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Will you be updating to Windows 8.1 as soon as you can? Or do you think this new update will be reason enough for you make the leap to Windows 8 in general? Personally I do like Windows 8, but there is really no major reason why I would need to leave Windows 7 right now… so I’m not going to, nor am I the only one who thinkst his way and that is the biggest issue Microsoft are facing at the moment.

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One Response to “Windows 8.1 Roll Out Starts Today”
  1. Loz says:

    Finally. Been waiting for this for so long. I much prefer Win 8 to Win 7 now. Just simple things like having a task bar on every screen that you need to buy a program for on Win 7.

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