Windows 8.1 Will Allow Search From The Desktop Function

/ 5 years ago


The most recently leaked Windows 8.1 build, number 9374, revealed some major changes to the operating system. In what may be termed a compromise for not offering the start button and menu back, the ability to search from the desktop could be a vital addition.

The change involves the search option no longer eating up the entire screen, as you can see from the above image it only partially encroaches upon whatever you’re doing so it is easier to search. Currently the Windows 8 search function automatically takes users straight to the Start Screen to use the function when they start typing. The new plan would avert that, allowing you to remain on the desktop at all times during the searching process that includes getting up the menu, typing in what you want to search and displaying the results.

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As we always say with these leaked builds, it is important to keep in mind they may or may not be reflective of the final product. What’s clear though, is that Microsoft need to develop a more user friendly way of getting around Windows 8.1 and having a more versatile and light-weight search function certainly looks like a good option.

What are your thoughts on a revised search function in Windows 8.1?


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One Response to “Windows 8.1 Will Allow Search From The Desktop Function”
  1. Keade says:

    If it can search documents and files (something Windows 8 search doesn’t do by default as I understand it), then I personally have no problems upgrading to 8.1 from 7.

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