Windows 8 adoption 5 times slower than Windows 7

/ 5 years ago

Microsoft’s new Windows 8 OS is only running on 45 out of every 10,000 PCs, according to new figures, putting adoption far below the initial Windows 7 uptake. Data from the Net Applications company showed that, at the end of October, 0.45 per cent of total PCs were running Microsoft’s brand new operating system.

That’s compared to previous figures from the same company that showed 2.33 per cent of users had taken on Windows 7 following its launch at the end of Oct. 2009.

However, the comparison is tempered by slightly differing launch dates. Windows 7 arrived on the 22nd day of the month, while Windows 8 only went public on the 26th.

The four day launch discrepancy aside, a rocket science doctorate isn’t really necessary to produce a thesis on the anomaly, which suggests an early adoption rate 5x lower than Windows 8’s predecessor.

It has been well documented that, when Windows 7 arrived in 2009, PC users were anxious to make the jump from the largely-disastrous Windows Vista or the ancient Window XP software.

Source: PC World



One Response to “Windows 8 adoption 5 times slower than Windows 7”
  1. JunXxX says:

    Well, what did they expect? I have W7 running on all my three machines and I am not planning on upgrading anytime soon because W7 runs perfectly fine. W8 seems pretty crappy to me. It is like W Vista…

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