Windows 8 due in October

/ 6 years ago

We’ve known Windows 8 was due out later this year for quite some time, it was rumoured to be launching close to Ivy Bridge but it seems that rumour wasn’t accurate. It will launch in October, 6 months after Ivy Bridge, with enterprise customers,hardware partners and OEMs getting access as early as August.

Windows 8 will be first available in early August to OEM and system manufacturers, such as the HP, Dell and Acer, whilst Enterprise customers will also be able to get their hands on it if they have software assurance benefits. General availability for the public will be in October. This means Windows 8 computer systems will be available starting from October and Windows 8 RT based mobile devices should also be available then.

Microsoft’s Windows 8 upgrade program will also be introduced in October, letting you upgrade to Windows 8 for as little as $39.99 if you have a legitimate XP, Vista, 7 or Windows 8 RP (the free Release Preview) copy. The Windows 8 commerce platform will also be turned on in time for the public availability in October, meaning developers can start making money for all their Windows 8 Apps, primarily aimed at the mobile Windows 8 RT devices.

Windows 8 will be available for 231 countries in 109 languages well in time for Christmas. So expect a Windows-8-filled Christmas this year with Windows 8 based laptops, ultrabooks, netbooks and desktop systems as well as Windows 8 RT based tablets and other mobile devices.

In related news, Microsoft also announced that Windows 7 has passed the 630 million licences milestone. This makes it the best-selling operating system of all time. Microsoft will be hoping to beat that figure with Windows 8, which has the advantage of being of worth to the ever expanding tablet market.


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