Windows 8 Losing Users, Linux Continues Growth

/ 3 years ago


Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system has continued to lose users quite rapidly over the course of this year. Between May and June the OS fell from 6.29% to 5.93% with many of those users expected to be going to Windows 8.1 which grew from 6.35 to 6.61%, although the growth of Windows 8.1 is less than the decline in Windows 8 so those other users must be going somewhere else. Where might they be going? Well Interestingly Windows 7 and Windows XP both grew in number, so did Windows Vista meaning all those are possible destinations for bedraggled Windows 8 users.

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Linux has also gone from strength to strength rising its market share for the fourth consecutive month to 1.74%, while Mac OS continued its decline losing nearly 1% market share in the same period.The growth of Linux is perhaps the most interesting phenomenon, while the numbers of the growth may be small it is interesting to see desktop users making shifts from the Windows and Mac OS environments towards the open-source rival.


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  • mr2k9

    from may to june, window xp increase by 0.04%? they still activating window xp?

    • Daniele Santini

      The data are collected by controlling the number of accesses made by each category in many sites, so these data are not completely accurate and include only about 160 million people ( )… so look at these data only as general indicators, not as exact data