Windows 8 Market Share Finally Bigger than XP’s

/ 3 years ago

25_1j$M39mt9Windows 8 hasn’t had it easy since it launched and is far from as bad an OS as Vista. It can actually have many benefits, but in the end it’s a matter of choice and liking which operating system you pick.

Now, for the first time, Windows 8 has surpassed Windows XP in users. This might partly be due to Microsoft halting the support, but also with the improvements made in the 8.1 update. In August Windows 8 accounted for 7.35% and Windows 8.1 for 8.2% of the market, making a total of 15.55% for Windows 8. Windows XP has dropped down to a new low point of 14.31% market share according to the latest figures and it most likely won’t be long before it goes below the 10% mark.

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It’s also noteworthy that MacOS X takes up a good spot in the lists by now ending up on a 4th place when counting Win 8 and 8.1 as one. It will be interesting to see if Windows 9 can shake up the statistics once released and and again prove the Microsoft’s every second operating system is good’ rule.

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2 Responses to “Windows 8 Market Share Finally Bigger than XP’s”
  1. Wayne says:

    The headline can be a bit misleading. Because it has a bigger market share doesn’t mean to say it is installed on more machines than XP, the bulk of it’s installations are most likely on portable devices rather than desktops.

  2. Travis Christensen says:

    This is why they shouldn’t cut support for Windows 7. Just look at the market share it has.

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