Windows 8 Now Has 115,000 Apps For Download – New Record High

/ 4 years ago


According to figures by MetroStore Scanner, an unofficial monitoring service that tracks changes to Microsoft’s AppStore, Windows 8 users now have access to 115,000 Metro Apps via the Microsoft App Store. The vast majority of these Apps are provided free of charge though there are quite a few which charge a small fee much like on Google’s Play Store.

That said the number of genuine apps is probably much lower because the Windows App Store has a significant problem with spam apps and fake apps. However, Microsoft has done a reasonably good job of convincing large companies to port their apps to Windows 8. We should probably expect the amount of app-producing activity to pick up quite significantly in the run up to the Windows 8.1 launch in October where Microsoft will try and market its successful App Store as one of the reasons why you should consider Windows 8.1.

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Image courtesy of MetroStore Scanner

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  • bob

    Of course its a record high its not like the number ever goes down is it.