Windows 8 retail version to be scrapped

/ 5 years ago

Normally when Microsoft releases an operating system it would release a trio of upgrade, OEM and retail versions. However, speculation suggests Microsoft is to scrap the retail version when it releases Windows 8. The reason for it is not an unforseen one. Currently Microsoft offers both OEM and Retail versions of its operating systems, yet many retailers sell the OEM version to consumers even thought its intended for manufacturers and system builders.

Current Pricing in the UK is £80 for Windows 7 Home Premium 64Bit whilst the same retail version costs £120. Apart from the 50% lower price the only other differences between the OEM and retail versions are the lack of packaging, optional phone support and the ability to transfer the OS license to a different PC for the OEM package.

Hopefully, this news will mean that Microsoft are intending to scrap the expensive Retail versions of Windows and go for reduced price OEM style versions along with the upgrade versions. Although, many users won’t be happy if they keep the same “non-transferable” license policy on the OEM versions that is currently in place. If that becomes the case we could see piracy for Windows 8 take off as consumers become disgruntled at having to pay each time they install on a new PC, even though they already own Windows.

So far we know Microsoft will have two Windows 8 Pro upgrade options ready at launch, the $39.99 version which is for XP, Vista, 7 and 8 RP users and the $14.99 version which is for Windows 7 purchasers after June the 2nd 2012. Hopefully in addition to that Microsoft will throw in a Windows 8 OEM version at a reasonable price that is transferable.



3 Responses to “Windows 8 retail version to be scrapped”
  1. Andreas says:

    Pity it looks like a glorified smartphone/tablet OS and will never be installed on any of my PCs! I hope it flops terribly so Windows 9 (or whatever they chose to call it) will be more like Windows 7. The metro interface is horrid, and I want my start button back damnit!

  2. ET3D says:

    This probably has to do with the recent EU decision about software sales. If restricting sales becomes illegal then that removes the point of the OEM version.

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