Windows 8 to bring direct X update, Ivy Bridge improved to utilise this

/ 6 years ago

Windows 8 and Ivy Bridge will launch in a similar time frame next year so the updates Ivy Bridge gets are very closely linked to what Windows 8 will get. Firstly, lets take a quick look at what to expect in terms of graphical improvements from Windows 8 according to leaked information from VR-Zone.

  • Direct X 11.1
  • Stereoscopic 3D native support
  • DirectCompute enhancements
On Intel’s side there is a large number of improvements to the integrated Intel HD Graphics that will come with Ivy Bridge, we already know they will be nearly twice as powerful as the Sandy Bridge integrated graphics and that they will support 4K resolutions but we now know some new stuff:
  • Support for 3 HD monitors
  • Support for 3D off the integrated GPU
  • DX 11.1 compatiblity
So all in all Ivy Bridge looks like it will be a decent package for the Windows 8 user, making huge advancements in the integrated graphics department. Essentially, the $50-$100 video card market is facing extinction as the additional performance of a discrete video card is now being undermined and almost overtaken by integrated graphics. Although, this is largely dependant on how Nvidia and AMD respond with the 28nm generation if they can double or triple performance in that same price bracket then maybe the low end video card market has a chance.

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