Windows 9 And Windows 10 Details Emerge

/ 4 years ago


WinBeta have managed to get a hold on some very early information on Windows 9 and Windows 10. The details come from a source called “WZOR” who they say has been behind countless Microsoft leaks in the past. The source claims that Windows 9 is going to be similar to current desktop operating systems, though the similarities and differences to Windows 8 are not explicitly made. Windows 9 will reportedly continue the desktop OS we know today but with a revised version of the Aero interface. Apparently this revised Aero-based OS will make an appearance in about a years time, much sooner than expected.

“According to WZOR, Windows 9 will be similar to the desktop OS we know today. He claims that Microsoft is planning to bring the old Aero interface back, but not as we all know it. That’s all he teases regarding the Aero interface, but he also claims that Windows 9 will make an appearance in a years time, Much sooner than expected.” States WinBeta.

As far as Windows 10 goes this will apparently be a full “cloud OS”. Apparently there will be an internal concept model of Windows 10 available at Microsoft by September 1st 2013. Of course as its internal it won’t be seen by the public (unless leaked). More details will apparently be made available from September. It is stressed that Windows 9 and Windows 10 are currently just codenames and may not represent the final names of the operating systems they turn out to be.

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  • Wayne

    Windows 9 & 10 already??? I’m still trying to come to terms with Windows 3.1. ;P

    • hisashi

      DOS for life!

  • ET3D

    “Windows 9 will reportedly bring back the desktop OS we know today” – not my interpretation. I didn’t see anything in the WinBeta report to suggest that this won’t be the continuation of Windows 8.

    • Well its vague. It says “He claims that Windows 9 will be similar to what we have currently” so that could mean a lot of things. We currently have Ubuntu so it might be similar to that lol

      Its full of vague statements, just a typical leak. I interpreted as it won’t be a continuation of Windows 8, you can interpret it your way. I’ll add a quote to the article and tweak it a bit as to not confuse others. For me it was like trying to read a riddle so early this morning, should of had coffee lol

  • Chris Jones

    don’t like the idea of cloud, i want all my data at home, with me…

  • commiczar

    windows 10 cloud is a no go area , not secure enough for me .I want all my data where I can control it
    windows 9 could turn out to be vista re-incarnated .

  • Ria Dutt

    To Microsoft : i had 2 tb of HD to save data , keep your cloud at yourself
    your cloud can be NSA scheme

  • MitsosDaBest13

    Dafuq is this? I just bought Windows 8 some months ago and I ‘m still crying for my money… 🙁

    • Holy Frappuccino

      Why buy if you can download for free? :3

  • Gunilla

    Well. you all say “i want my files with me”
    I read “I want my hard drive destroyed fast when the police comes”

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