Windows 9 Could Allow Users To Disable Metro

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The Russian Group WZOR, a group renowned for their leaks about upcoming Windows products, has revealed some early details about Windows 9. The new full operating system is set for a H1 2015 release and according to WZOR Windows 9 brings some significant changes. Apparently Microsoft has recognised the different needs of touch-device and traditional desktop users so an option to disable the Metro UI is included with Windows 9 Enterprise Edition. This would recreate the traditional working environment of a desktop PC and remove touch elements of the OS.

The leakers also state that OneDrive integration might be removed from Windows 9 Enterprise, although this doesn’t seem that believable given the incredible investments Microsoft have made into their software services like OneDrive. The removal of OneDrive integration might make sense if Microsoft has an enterprise alternative that it wants to push towards instead but recently Microsoft has been revamping OneDrive for business users.

Whether these rumours are true or not they certainly offer up food for thought. We’ve had Windows 8 and now Windows 8.1 yet the clamour for a more traditional desktop environment still exists. I can imagine that there is still plenty of demand for a Windows OS successor that more closely resembles Windows 7 than Windows 8(.1).  It will be interesting to see how Microsoft deals with this with Windows 9.

Source: WZOR (Ru-Board), Softpedia

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