Windows 9 ISO Will Leak Onto Internet After Sept 15 Says Reputable Source

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The most recent information about Windows 9 points to a reveal date of September 30th, this rumour has already been backed by reputable sources such as The Verge and ZDNet. However, there’s a new twist to Microsoft’s Windows 9 calendar: the famous Windows leaker, WZOR, claims that after September 15th a Windows 9 ISO will leak online before Microsoft gets a chance to reveal the new OS at their event on September 30th. So far no leaked builds of Windows 9 have made their way onto the internet but with WZOR’s kiss-of-death that could all be about to change.


This is what the Windows 9 start menu is rumoured to look like


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Obviously this is pure speculation, but given WZOR’s track record with Windows related topics I wouldn’t be surprised to see his claim come true. If it were to happen Windows 9 would be available en-masse for consumers to download and install onto their systems. With the Windows 9 preview on the horizon this seems like a plausible prospect. Windows 9 is likely to have similar hardware requirements to Windows 8 so it should be fairly easy for most people to try out.

Source: WZOR (Twitter), Via: Softpedia

Image #1 courtesy of Winbeta, Image #2 courtesy of MYCE

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