Windows 9 Rumoured to Launch as “Windows”

/ 3 years ago

Windows 9

Reports are swirling that Microsoft’s looking to change things up for its next major release of its desktop operating system – opting for the name “Windows” over “Windows 9”. Key driving forces behind the potential decision from Redmond come from a lack of consumer awareness and understanding behind “Windows RT” and “Windows 8” monikers, with many consumers expecting the RT variant to offer a full subset of Windows functions and features.

If the decision goes ahead – Microsoft’s marketing department will have to work in overdrive to ensure the new desktop operating system doesn’t get swept away or cause even further confusion in the sea of OS’s. It’d be a bold manoeuvre – but one that has the potential to help assist in binding all of Microsoft’s software, new direction and core architecture home to consumers and business – if they can pull it off. We could very well spot Microsoft referring to “Windows” alone across desktop, tablet and mobile in the very near future. In addition to the potential streamlined name, new additions and improvements are expected in the upcoming release. With heavy emphasis on revising the desktop and Modern UI aspects – Microsoft looks to improve ease of use and make things easier for customers. Hopefully with a bit of luck and vision this can shape up to becoming a version of Windows everyone can get behind.

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3 Responses to “Windows 9 Rumoured to Launch as “Windows””
  1. Alistair Hardy says:

    It will create more confusion.
    One of the first things i check when I’m supporting someone is what verison of Windows they’re running, and they almost always say Windows.
    At this point i just sigh and describe a few differences that they will see and how old said computer is.
    Now, if they say Windows, they could be correct… but they might not be.
    It’s pretty standard for people in IT to refer to them as WinXP, Vista, Win7, Win8. Why change it?

    Vista being the exception to the namng scheme but everyone just ignores vista…

    • ET3D says:

      “they almost always say Windows”

      And that’s why there’s no real need to call it anything else. Most people have no idea what version of Windows they’re running, so it wouldn’t make a difference if the version number took a back seat and wasn’t part of advertising.

      If Microsoft does intend to continue to sell Windows after 9, there would have to be some indication to the end user of which version they have, such as “Windows 2014” (IT people will always know where to find the version), so I don’t think that Microsoft will use plain Windows for everything.

  2. ET3D says:

    Googling a bit about this news, it seems like it comes from Microsoft dropping ‘Phone’ from Windows Phones. That makes sense. There’s really no need for Windows 8, Windows RT, Windows Phone if at the core they’re the same OS, which is what Microsoft has been driving at.

    Now, it’s possible that the version number will be dropped from the official name, but I didn’t see anything really hinting to this. Even if it does drop from the name, it will still be there, and accessible to the IT person wanting to find the version.

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