Windows 9 “Threshold” Project Gets Unofficially Confirmed

/ 3 years ago


Windows Threshold is a term that refers to a major Windows update that is coming in the future. It is believed to be a codename for a Windows project and now it seems the project is “official” after Neowin managed to dig out some details about it from the LinkedIn profile of a Microsoft employee. The latest expectation with Windows Threshold is that it refers to Windows 9. Neowin state that Windows Threshold should show up around Spring but the latest rumours suggest it will arrive later in June.

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Microsoft is currently working on a lot more than just Windows 9 Threshold with Windows 8.1 Updates 2 and 3 currently in the works. Microsoft are also believed to still be working on a total start menu redesign that was revealed at the BUILD 2014 conference back in April 2014.

Source: Neowin

Image #1 courtesy of Neowin, image #2 courtesy of Microsoft

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