Windows 93 is Finally Ready!

/ 3 years ago


This is one of the strangest projects I’ve seen in ages, one that no doubt took quite a long time to complete and one that serves virtually no purpose what so ever; Windows 93.

The OS runs in your browser, showing us what it would look like if Microsoft didn’t skip from Windows 3.X to Windows 95, which I’m sure you’ve all wondered about many times.

The OS boots with the PlayStation 1 bootup sound, it has some very strange games, a lot of built-in applications and after much digging around, even some nudity stashed in an obscure out of the way folder, because no one used to do that, right? Dig even further and you’ll subject yourself to the horrors of the Hampster Dance song, again!

It really does have a bit of everything buried in there, from 8-bit Solitaire to the ability to crash and require rebooting. If you’ve got ten minutes and want to waste some time, you can check it out


Image courtesy of Motherboard.

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4 Responses to “Windows 93 is Finally Ready!”
  1. Shaun Callister says:

    Is anyone else watching star wars on it right now?

  2. Truefart says:


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