Microsoft Releases Patch for Major Windows Vulnerability

/ 3 years ago

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Microsoft has released a patch for a major Windows vulnerability that so far hasn’t yet been exploited.

The “remote code execution vulnerability” affects servers, but a patch has been released for all versions of Windows, server and client, Windows Server 2003 all the way up to Windows 8.1.

The cause of the vulnerability is apparently “due to the improper processing of specially crafted packets.” According to Gizmodo, this means that an attacker could modify packets in a particular way to give them the ability to remotely execute any code on your machine.

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Microsoft has released a list of affected systems, but the general advice is, if you run Windows, fire up Windows Update and get that patch.

Source: Gizmodo

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One Response to “Microsoft Releases Patch for Major Windows Vulnerability”
  1. zlop says:

    To be favoured by government, Microsoft has to continually introduce new vulnerabilities.
    After hackers, Russians and Chinese know — the back door is declared a vulnerability.

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