Windows Phone 8.1 SDK Starts Shipping To Select Developers

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While Windows Phone 8.1 comes closer to being officially announced in April, developers are acknowledging they are receiving invitations from Microsoft to try out the Windows Phone 8.1 Development Kit (SDK) to start planning and building application based on the new Windows-based operating system.

Microsoft has been criticized in the past for keeping its SKD secret from developers and they haven’t officially acknowledged Windows Phone 8.1 yet either. The Verge have been able to talk via a Skype conference with Microsoft officials, stating that ‘select partners’ are starting to receive the WP 8.1 SDK and they plan to fully detail the product at the Build developer conference in April.

Reports say that Microsoft is not planning to discuss WP 8.1 until the Build conference, though they are said to be planning a conference about it on February 28th in London, where business customers will be presented with roadmap updates and technical briefing. Microsoft is said that built-in enterprise feature packs will be available in the new OS, including a VPN feature.

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There have been leaked images of the new Windows Phone 8.1 Notification Center, which does look quite useful and nice, but we have to see it in action before an opinion can be given to the new feature. Aside from the notification center, Microsoft is said to add additional features alongside some major API changes, along with a voice-based “Cortana” personal assistant will ship with Windows Phone 8.1, improvements to volume controls, a feature to mirror Windows Phone screens to TVs or monitors, and access to quick settings from the new Action Center.

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