Windows Phone 8 To Have 1080p Support By End Of 2013

/ 5 years ago


Microsoft is looking to revitalize its range of mobile offering by the end of this year by offering 1080p support on its Windows Phone 8 OS. Microsoft is looking to match current Android offerings by being able to produce 1080p resolution smartphones by the end of this year.

The support will allow Microsoft to churn out smartphones and tablets that support 1080p resolutions although the main focus looks to be challenging current sub 5-inch smartphones that already boast 1080p screens like the Sony Xperia-Z for example.

In addition to bringing higher resolution support Microsoft are also bringing support for some new SoCs. The new update for Windows Phone 8 will add support for Qualcomm chips meaning Microsoft made phones will be able to use Snapdragon 600 and 800 SoCs.

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No clear date has been given for this update which brings 1080p and Qualcomm support but it is expected it will arrive in time for the holiday seasons so Microsoft can cash in on some extra sales from the new features.

What do you think of this update by Microsoft? Does it make their phones more competitive? Or would you not be willing to pay for a premium 1080p and Snapdragon smartphone that uses the Windows Phone 8 OS?


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