Windows Phone Grows A Staggering 91% Year-On-Year

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While the smartphone market has long been dominated by Android and iOS Windows Phone has been making strides in recent years. Between July 2014 and June 2014 Microsoft’s Windows Phone grew by a staggering 91% making it the fastest growing mobile platform right now. Microsoft also has the number two smartphone in 14 markets, most likely to be the Lumia 520 device given its huge popularity. Microsoft’s rapid growth is now translating into increased market share, increase app downloads and increased app revenue from its app stores. While Windows Phone is still dwarfed by Android and iOS there are many more device makers with plans to release new Windows Phone devices this year. it is also worth noting that with Microsoft now in control of Nokia’s handset division the competitiveness of Windows Phone Nokia devices is likely to grow too. Microsoft is currently planning to launch the final version of its Windows Phone 8.1 mobile OS by the end of this year, that OS arrived in its Developer Preview form back in April.

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    Proud to be a WP user 🙂

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